“Stalky” – know your customer in one click

Get data from public & private data sources in a click

Get data any approach anywhere!

Getting data was never so simple & clear

Web interface

Get data using our page or make it part of Your web page within several minutes. Embedding was never so easy



All the functionality You can get online is available via API, so You can integrate data within your system



We provide possibilities to run Stalky on your servers and have full control over process.

Solutions for all companies

Our solutions are successfully used in Sales process, Marketing and even HR. Stalky stack is improved constantly and all new functionality is available for our customers. So if you lack the functionality we are in one click to support you in your growth.


Special solutions for banks & insurers!

We have developed specific solutions which can be used for risk analyses, machine learning, fraud management.

For those who does not have an analyst department we even try to provide You with “risk” rate of specific customer.


Move your company to next level of customer service

You will be able to service customers as personal as it could be done – because you will be able to!

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